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Our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team is well-equipped and capable for organizing long distance transportation services for patients who require immediate transport for next level medical care and to ensure the best outcome. We will coordinate with your treating physician to determine the best method of transportation like Charter Air Ambulance, Commercial Air Ambulance and ground Ambulance based upon your needs and budget. Moreover, we have all kind of Air Ambulance Services to help people for emergency medical conditions and shift them to a suitable hospital according to the medical needs and expertise required. We ensure the continuation of the treatment and nursing s between referring and receiving hospitals.

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Mufa MediTourism is design to meet each patient wishes and requirement, it provides end-to-end assistance that would help you to make well informed choice from among the best hospitals and accredited surgeons in India, It brings to you unmatched expertise across healthcare, hospitality and travel services through cost effectiveness and safe treatment. Our wide range of medical and cosmetic surgeries helps you to choose the best option that suits your needs. It works directly for patient with trust, ethics, and transparency and help him to over come the challenge of languages and other barriers in racially divers environment.




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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Medical tourism refers to the practice of going abroad to get medical treatment. The term “tourism” refers to staying in a foreign nation beyond the initial purpose of a trip there for medical treatment.

    • High-Quality Healthcare

    India has over 500 certified medical facilities, and its medical technology is on the level of the West. In addition, medical professionals from India have a global reputation for expertise.

    • Affordable Medical Care

    Due to the low cost of medical care in India, many people from other countries journey there each year for treatment. Medical care is of excellent standard here, despite the low prices. Even after factoring in the cost of transport and lodging, you can save up to 50% on medical care by going to India.

    For various causes, India has emerged as a preeminent centre for medical tourism. Mufa Medi Tourism is available for your medical tourism needs.

    India is now ranked in the top 6 medical value travel destinations worldwide, becoming a significant medical tourism hub in recent years. Medical tourism, also known as Medical Value Travel, is the practice of patients from other countries seeking healthcare, plastic surgery, or other wellness therapies in the United States or other countries. India is now ranked in the top 6 medical value travel destinations worldwide, becoming a significant medical tourism hub in recent years. If you’re looking for the best medical travel in India, look no further than New Delhi and Mumbai.

    These cities are the hub of India’s burgeoning medical tourism industry due to the prevalence of world-class medical facilities such as orthopaedic and weight loss surgery facilities and a Research and Diagnostic Center. Mumbai and Delhi are major hubs for those interested in Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetic surgery. Patients come from around the globe to take advantage of Mumbai’s world-class healthcare facilities.

    Patients and service suppliers can rely on Mufa Medi Tourism because it is impartial and energetic. Go there if you need help.

    If you’re looking for the best care at the lowest possible price, the Medical Tourism Market Report says you should head to India. Medical tourism to India was worth an estimated $3 billion in October 2015 and is projected to grow to $7-8 billion by 2020. 34% of medical tourists come from Bangladesh and Afghanistan, 30% come from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the final 8% come from Africa and the Middle East.

    Patients from other countries travel to the nation primarily because of the low cost of treatment available there. India is working hard to simplify and expedite the visa application process to make more international medical tourists comfortable travelling there.

    Individuals, families, businesses, government agencies, institutions, and workers can all benefit from Mufa Medi Tourism’s healthcare services. The company is willing to discuss prices based on the needs of each client. Have faith in them.

    To answer your question, medical tourism is entirely legitimate in India. The Quality Council of India and the Ministry of AYUSH, both of which fall under the purview of the National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board, work together to guarantee that NABH and healthcare practitioners are effectively serving patients’ best interests.

    • A medical traveller must be familiar with the norms of the countries they visit for medical care. If you need medical attention and plan to travel overseas, familiarize yourself with the applicable local laws governing medical procedures.
    • The rights and legal resources of foreign patients receiving medical care abroad must be considered. Most hospitals that cater to medical tourists have prestigious international accreditations, assuring their patients of a high standard of treatment.

    When it comes to enlightening international patients and guiding them toward a harmonious resolution, Mufa Medi Tourism is outstanding.

    According to the Medical Tourism Association’s 2020-21 Medical Tourism Index, India is the world’s tenth-best destination for medical tourism. Medical tourism is estimated to have been worth USD 5-6 billion, while MVT for India was projected to be USD 9 billion by 2020. This is despite the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism and hospitality business. By 2022, the Indian market for MVT could be worth USD 13 billion.

    Beginning in the first years of the last decade, an increasing number of private clinics in India started advertising their services to patients in neighbouring countries. Doctors paved the way by treating patients from Bangladesh and Nepal, and made significant gains in the CIS, the Middle East, and Africa. Medical travel facilitators, who promote these hospitals and establish a local presence for Indian healthcare, emerged to support these institutions.

    You can get the needed treatment and schedule your surgery using Mufa Medi tourism agency, a digital health platform that facilitates medical tourism.

    The bulk of health issues tends to manifest in later life. However, if you do not have health insurance, it can be very costly to receive treatment or surgery that is both safe and efficient. Over 70% of medical costs for retirees is a reality for many individuals worldwide.

    As a result, more and more older adults opt to forego necessary medical care and instead spend their retirement savings on luxuries. Regrettably, such choices frequently have disastrous outcomes for health. The health problems may deteriorate, making treatment more costly in the long run.

    In general, people feel secure travelling abroad for medical care. Medical tourists should do their homework before travelling abroad for treatment. Learn as much as you can about the various surgical fields, favoured cities, hospitals, treatment quality, doctors, and recovery time. Medical travel to India is widely regarded as the best option among all other popular destinations. You can depend on Mufa Medi Tourism agency if you require this.

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