Indian healthcare industry is one of the economically blessed industries which in particularly expected to reach US$ 280 Billion by 2020. It is a huge market for patients throughout the world who failed to get a satisfying medical solution for their healthcare issues in the surroundings they were born in or lived in. The general term “tourism” has purportedly turned into a global symbol of foreign travel in diverse business sectors whether you are travelling abroad for any purpose like business, medical, sightseeing, employment, education, family gathering or anything else, every visit is now being viewed as a subject of tourism packages to provide convenience and communication to the masses in order to make their foreign trip more fruitful and pleasurable. More evidently, the medical tourism refers to the industry in which patients, temporarily, move from their underdeveloped homeland to another nation equipped with technically-enriched medical infrastructure to seek medical, dental and surgical care that meets the healthcare needs of the patients, and meanwhile, experience the natural resplendence as well tourist attractions of the country.

The attractive business opportunities and rising global appreciation of medical tourism have enraptured many policy makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and obviously media. This newborn industry will soon become the “crown jewel” of the Indian economy and shape its future as the most preferred destination for medical tourism.

Medical Tourism is a life-altering decision and an expensive bet

One of the troubling issues with medical tourism is that it requires an extensive amount of money which includes travel fares, accommodation, foods, clothing, etc as we know that out of your house, your money is your first line of defense, every day, hour or minutes will test your patience with your money. Even the treatment charges could be very disturbing, depending on the category of your treatment or the gravity of your disease. If you move to a less-developed country, the charges could be inexpensive, but why would someone move to a country having less medical facilities as if their own developed country couldn’t possibly help them, then a more developed nation would be preferred a more logical option instead of a less-developed.

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