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We, at Mufa MediTourism offer comprehensive cancer care program which follows trans-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach in the field of adult and pediatric oncology. Our team of experts specialises in the deliverance of extensive medical program, organised and managed by the super-sub-specialists in the field of Medical Oncology, Hematology adult & pediatric, Radiation Oncology, Specialized Onco Surgery and Bone Marrow Transplant services. There are various specialized clinics and with a range of Support services for prevention, diagnostic and treatment of cancer. Our prime focus is to offer a healthy life to our patients, thus we believe in providing advanced level treatments that may help to conserve their internal organs and we never compromise with the safety of our patients thus, efforts are laid towards their speedy recovery, minimum or zero disfiguration and initiation of normal living at the earliest. We have world class specialists from around the globe and facilitates that offer correct diagnosis of various ailments for best and shortest road to recovery and make use of cutting-edge-technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

In India, a pediatric oncologist earns a median annual gross income of 34,43,145 or about 1,655 per hour. They also receive an average incentive of 2,32,068 per year. Estimates of average salaries in India were gleaned from a poll of the country’s private sector. The typical annual salary for a pediatric oncologist with 1-3 years of experience is $23.190.47. Conversely, the average salary of a senior-level pediatric oncologist (8 years of expertise or more) is $46 70 106.

In the area of oncology, both adults and children can benefit from Mufa Medi Tourism agency’s comprehensive cancer care program, which takes a trans-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach. Medical oncology, haematology (adult and pediatric), radiation oncology, specialized onco surgery, and bone marrow transplant treatments are some areas where this team of experts excels.

Being a doctor involves a lot of heavy-duty. You can go to the doctor for help with anything from cancer to cardiac trouble. With the emergence of novel viruses in every corner of the globe, there is a pressing need for medical professionals today. Almost two-thirds of kids hope to one-day practice medicine. A medical oncologist is a specialist in cancer care.

If you meet the requirements above, the next step is to complete a 3-year medical residency program and earn your D.M. (Doctor of Medicine) degree before you can begin practising as an oncologist at any accredited facility. Simply put, they need to have completed an intermediate or diploma program in biology, physics, and chemistry before enrolling in an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) program, and then, depending on the area of oncology they wish to specialize in, they must complete additional post-graduate training. Mufa Medi Tourism agency is there for your assistance.

Dr Sandeep Nayak is a household name in India regarding robotic and laparoscopic surgery. He is one of the foremost authorities on applying these cutting-edge surgical procedures, having spent more than 15 years managing patients with cancer. His commitment to his profession shines through his tireless search for novel surgical approaches to offer cancer patients the best possible prognosis.

Since Mufa Medi Tourism agency’s primary goal is to help their patients lead healthy lives, they prioritize providing them with cutting-edge care that will hopefully preserve their vital organs. They also prioritize their patients’ safety above all else, working tirelessly to ensure they fully recover as soon as possible with as little physical change as possible. They use state-of-the-art equipment and have access to top doctors worldwide, providing accurate evaluation and the quickest, most effective treatment possible.

Cancer in toddlers and adolescents is diagnosed and treated by specialists known as pediatric oncologists. Pediatric oncologists/haematologists are common because many have additional training in haematology, the study and management of blood disorders.

Cancer patients in their twenties are still candidates for treatment by pediatric doctors. A pediatric oncologist is uniquely qualified to aid young patients and their families in making sense of a cancer prognosis.

In the area of oncology, both adults and children can benefit from Mufa Medi Tourism agency’s comprehensive cancer care program, which takes a trans-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach. Medical oncology, haematology (adult and pediatric), radiation oncology, specialized onco surgery, and bone marrow transplant treatments are some areas where this team of experts excels.

Recently, the number of people diagnosed with cancer has steadily increased. It’s one of the worst illnesses ever and can kill you. Cancer can begin in any organ or tissue and quickly expand to others. In the early phases of most cancers, no symptoms are present. Cancer could be fatal if not discovered and treated quickly. If caught early enough, some forms of cancer can even be reversed.

As a result of improvements in diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies, cancer mortality rates are now lower than in previous decades. Today, patients can choose from a variety of effective cancer treatments. Several world-class facilities in India specialize in cancer care.

  • Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is commonly used to cure various cancers. Radiation treatment can kill cancer cells and shrink a tumour. It affects the DNA of cancer cells. After a certain number of radiation treatments, the cancer cells in the patient will cease dividing. Radiation oncology is just one part of Mufa Medi Tourism agency’s all-encompassing cancer treatment program.

When it comes to cutting-edge cancer care, India is not falling behind. Most cancer centres in the country provide care on a level with that found in the majority of industrialized nations. In addition, the price of cancer treatment in India is much lower than in Western nations. Most cancer centres across the country offer all of the NCCN-recommended treatments and adhere to all of the NCCN-established standards of care. The outlook for cancer therapy in India is bright.

The advanced diagnostics and treatment options made possible by Mufa Medi Tourism agency’s renowned medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities are second to none.

The foundation of Mufa Medi Tourism agency in Delhi, India is a high standard of medical care at affordable prices. They are synonymous with high-quality, all-encompassing health care to the general public. They have earned that confidence by being among the first to offer cutting-edge cancer treatments. Personalized care for cancer patients is a top concern, so they’ve set up world-famous facilities with advanced technology and infrastructure.

The exceptional oncologists and medical staff are masters at motivating patients through compassionate care and the infusion of optimism from the prospect of a second chance at life. In addition, the poor have access to cutting-edge treatments at no expense.

Most cases of cancer at stage 4 are terminal. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that cancer can be fully removed because it has spread throughout the body by the time it is diagnosed. Treatment aims to increase the patient’s chance of living and enhance their quality of life.

Depending on the type of cancer, its stage of progression, and other variables, an oncologist will determine the best course of treatment. Surgery, drugs (targeted therapy), immunotherapy, and chemotherapy are all viable choices.

Mufa Medi Tourism agency’s main goal is to provide patients with a healthy life. As a result, they believe in offering advanced-level treatments that can help preserve their internal organs. They also never compromise the patients’ safety, so efforts are made to hasten their recovery, minimize or eliminate any disfigurement, and help them resume normal life as soon as possible.

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