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India’s Extensive Medical Value Tourism Business Is What Sets The Country Apart As A Prime Destination For Medical Tourism

“Medical tourism” refers to the practice of people seeking medical treatment in one country and traveling to another to get it. Medical tourism in India refers to individuals from other countries who go to the country for medical treatment. In 2012, the healthcare sector in Asia accounted for about 60 percent of the region’s total economic output. Many medical tourists are flocking to India.

In India, the medical tourism business is expected to grow at a rate of 20% between 2014 and 2018. With a market potential of $6 billion by 2018, it is a promising field for India.

Increase in Medical Tourism from India

Medical tourism to India is booming, as is the influx of international individuals seeking treatment. Because of this, “What are the components that push growth in the medical tourism sector in India?” is a frequently asked question. A growing number of patients from other countries are seeking treatment in India for various reasons, and the short answer to this question is: yes.

As medical tourism in India grows, we examine some of the factors that are fueling this movement.

In light of current developments in the medical business, the Indian subcontinent is well-positioned to see fast growth in medical tourism.

It is because of these factors that India’s role in the next crown jewel, which is medical tourism, has increased:

Medical care that is both affordable and of the most excellent quality

Medical facilities and technology in India are comparable to those found in industrialized nations, so patients may expect high-quality care.

The impacted patient will see a decrease in their medical expenses

Significant medical procedures, such as open-heart surgery, orthopedic therapies, and others, are prohibitively costly in the United States and other industrialized countries. Up to 50% of the patient’s costs may be saved by traveling to India for the same treatment as if they were receiving it in their own country. Expensive-quality therapies such as extended hospital stay during recovery and rehabilitation may be afforded by patients who go to India since the costs of hospitals in their home countries are unreasonably high.

By-passing the queues

Patients from other countries often go to India for medical treatment because they may get immediate attention to their health issues, while seeking the same care in their home country might require a long wait. In particular, this applies to patients who have been diagnosed with chronic conditions and must first treat their symptoms with medications accessible in their nation before surgery may be performed.

An international standard of excellence

Many of India’s most prominent physicians and surgeons have studied or practiced medicine abroad. Indian patients might benefit from their understanding of the latest medical developments. India’s highly-trained and reputed physicians attract medical tourists.

Operation in a customized manner

India’s medical tourism hospitals have devised detailed preparations to handle the needs of foreign patients. A medical visa may be obtained, documentation prepared, appointments and stays scheduled, transportation for medical treatment, and even sightseeing facilitated.

India’s Medical Tourism Industry Has Several Standout Features

India’s medical tourism market has grown steadily for over a decade, generating $4 billion in income.

1.27 million Brits visit India annually.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi are major Indian tourist destinations. These three states send the most medical tourists to India.

Conclusion: Medical Tourism

Consequently, India is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for medical tourism owing to the development of its pharmaceutical industry, the convenience and affordability of travel, the growth in the insurance market, and an overall rise in the quality of medical service.


For those who are unfamiliar with Medical Tourism, what exactly is it?

“Medical tourism” refers to the practice of traveling to another country for medical treatment. It may refer to a vast range of medical therapies and an extensive range of medical disorders. The most common reasons for this include wide price differences, varying levels of service, and the ability to combine a vacation with medical treatment while traveling abroad.

My symptoms include the following: I’m unsure which of the specialists I should ask for?

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My doctor suspects that I have a specific medical condition. What steps need to follow to see a specialist for surgical treatment?

Please email us all of the relevant clinical information if you have been told by your local doctor that you need surgical intervention and would want us to provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost you.

How can I be sure that the services I get from your company will be the most cost-effective?

We can vouch for the quality of the care we provide because of our knowledge of the methods used here and the devotion of our medical staff. In addition, we’d want to speak with you one-on-one as doctors.

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