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Emergency Medicine in India- a Far-Fetched Dream?

What overpopulation can do in India?

Medicine in India: India is currently at the second position when it comes to being the most populated nation across the globe and according to the current growth which is happening in the population India will take over China and become the number one very soon.And this will bring a lot of problems and difficulties in living conditions like increase in price of basic commodities like food, clothing etc.  It will also create a lot of challenges to provide proper healthcare services to over 1.4 billion people.

India’s Improved Medical Conditions:

The medical situation in our country has definitely improved a lot, especially in recent years. There are government hospitals in the village areas which consist of advanced Operation theaters, Cardiac Cath labs, mobile medical vans and ALS ambulances, NABL accredited laboratories. India is booming when it comes to becoming an admired hub for medical tourism in the whole world. 

How much growth has been done in Emergency Medicine area?

Although growing in the overall medical field, Emergency Medicine is still in the very emerging stage of its growth.

Emergency medicine (EM) training has been involved in both government and private colleges, but it’s insufficient as per the real requirement of this speciality in our country. Indian medical institutions provide only approximately 200 seats of master degree training in the form of MD or DNB in emergency medicine.

If it is to compare with other countries e.g. In the USA, the Emergency Medicine seats provided are 2,278 for a much lesser population than India. This great difference brings out the insufficiency in the training and studies for the specialty of Emergency Medicine.

Sad truth about the current ill trained Doctors and improperly equipped Emergency departments:

It also shows that the numerous Government and Private hospitals ‘Casualty’ or ‘Emergency’ have by improperly trained resident doctors or intern doctors very less or no revival skills and clinical experience in a department lacking in basic revival equipment.

There are Emergency cases like, Myocardial Infarction, Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, Road Traffic Accidents, Polytrauma, Poisoning, burns, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome; and in these cases action should be taken very quickly and smartly, even a microsecond of delay and a minor mistake can be life threatening, these ill trained doctors and improperly equipped Emergency departments are causing much harm than good.

The financial and the rural-urban scenario increase the problem even more by making it difficult for rural and poor people.

There is still hope for Emergency Medicine:

There are lots of important steps are taken by the Indian Government to make the situations better for Emergency Medicine like increase in the seats of colleges, introduction to many MCI recognized programs to produce for EM professionals, and combined private- public courses etc, all these steps will create a better future in the field of emergency medicine department and also improve our position as medical system across the globe.


  1. What is the importance of Emergency Medicine in India?

Answer. Without an Emergency Medicine department, the patients who need urgent treatment will suffer a great deal, that is why it’s a very important area of the medical field.

  1. Is Emergency Medicine difficult?

Answer. It’s very challenging and the doctor and other Emergency department staff need to take proper action quickly in favor of the patient.

  1. Is Emergency Medicine a good career option?

Answer. It’s a great career option and has a lot of growth potential in the future.

  1. Can emergency medicine doctors do operations?

Answer. Yes, they can perform minor operations but in case of major surgeries, patients will be recommended to specialists.

  1. What makes an Emergency doctor a good one?

Answer. Emergency medicine doctors must possess the skills to examine the situation and make fast and right decisions to save patients’ lives.

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