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India: A Future of Possibilities for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry: Last three years have been a real roller coaster ride for the Indian health care system because of the outbreak of this deadly COVID-19 virus. The pandemic brought many challenges to our medical industry. It made everyone aware about the ill functioning of the system and created an urgency for a massive medical revolution. But even though the problems existed, opportunities were there too. Because of the past pandemic years, it’s a golden opportunity for the Indian Healthcare department to examine everything and create a better, more effective medical system which serves the well being of the citizens in India.

Here are the few things Indian medical system changed after the outbreak of COVID 19:

  • Increased attention on medical framework and services in Tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • Increase in funds for improved examinations.
  • Serious efforts are made for better coordination with other countries.
  • Consecutive advancements in biomedical science discoveries.
  • Changes in many government policies.

Where Indian medical system does stand in the worldview currently:

India is already established as the world pharmacy. At the time of pandemic, India began the largest vaccination operation with approximately 170 crore vaccines provided and sending over 5 crore doses of vaccines to around 70 countries, further establishing its place in the world healthcare field. 

Currently, a tremendous need has emerged for a medtech revolution and fortunately it started in our country with the growth in framework and funds to help make the revolution a success. Also, India is a great attraction for medical tourism which is a great achievement in India’s glory in the world. A lot of medical related stuff is being manufactured in India itself; a lot of companies are making CT Scanners, Ultrasound, Ventilators and even MRI machines. APMTZ has already been established as a hub for manufacturing and the degree of importing stuff is narrowed down to a very large extent because of manufacturing in India. 

A quicker method of approval and Production Linked Incentive (PLI) will make India successful even more in the field of healthcare. Indian Tech companies are also becoming great success in building AI, Teleradiology Software and HIS, RIS, PACS software for worldwide execution. The National Digital Health Mission will become a mark of achievement making the best healthcare service available to all.

Some things that India can do to improve its healthcare system even more: 

  • India should increase the speed in the execution of the National Health Mission, will help a lot achieving great heights in the medical field.
  • Tele-radiology, AI based software will help tremendously in improving the reporting ratio in between doctor and patient.
  • If India starts to produce more expensive medical products like MRI, Ultrasound and CT Scanner Machines at lower cost, it would help in making these machines more available to the tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • Through its low-cost innovation and wide applications of these innovations, India can do great work for the people not only in our country but all across the globe. Hence, a serious effort should be done in this regard.
  • Regular healthcare check-ups should be done for Indian citizens, to detect illnesses at early stages and prevent them from growing further.
  •  By decreasing the cost required in medical studies, we can make it available for more students and that will improve the number of good doctors in our country. Educational loans should also be provided easily.
  • Because of the total decrease in specialists throughout the country, a special emphasis on specialists and a motivation towards specialized medicine will improve our healthcare in the country wonderfully.

With so many things already working in our favor, our country has the huge potential to establish itself as a healthcare success. In order to become a champion in this field, it’s very important to take the right steps in the right path.

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